Which Blinds are Right for Your Home 

Choosing home décor can become frustrating even for the most informed homeowner. Selecting the right type of blinds can be confusing if you don’t fully understand all the choices that are available to you. Here at Larry’s Design Center we want to make the experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible. This is why we give you so many different options for blinds. We offer top quality Hunter Douglas products to make choosing as simple as possible.

When selecting the best type of blind to fit your personal preferences and needs it is important to know the difference between vertical and horizontal blinds and the many benefits of both types. In order to make the best decision it is important to be well-informed of the light control benefits and privacy possibilities of each type.

Horizontal blinds are typically designed for narrow or square windows. At Larry’s Design Center we offer the finest horizontal blinds in wood, alternative wood and aluminum materials. Everyone has different desires for their home and with us we will make those desires a reality.

Vertical blinds can be drawn completely open, and this makes them ideal for sliding-glass doors as well as wide window expanses. It is important to have excellent light control if you want blinds that are energy efficient. Another amazing benefit of vertical blinds is that they are easy to clean and maintain. They block the heat and keep your cool air in during the summer. In the winter they can act as an insulator to keep warmth inside your home.

When you choose where in your home you want to install blinds, you will need to consider the durability you require as well as how much privacy you want. In your bedroom you may want more total light control. In a bathroom or child’s bedroom you are likely to want more privacy. If you have a sliding glass door in your dining or living room vertical blinds are a great option for you.

Choosing blinds does not have to be frustrating, and with so many options from Hunter Douglas blinds it can be an exciting adventure instead. At Larry’s Design Center customer satisfaction is our priority. We have top-quality product selection and are locally owned and operated. We give you the best selection of blinds for appearance, function, durability and light control. Here at Larry’s Design Center we are excited to help you along the way to making your house a home.