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Custom Window Treatments for Home

For most of the last several decades, working from home was a luxury afforded to only a select few in very specific industries, and largely remained the dream of office workers everywhere. However, due to certain current events, more people have been given the opportunity to work from home than ever before. However, unless you have done this before, there is a good chance that your home was not prepared for you to be using it as an office space. While some changes can be made to easily make your home more workable, like a good desk or a comfortable computer chair, there are some additions you might not immediately think of to make your home office more productive. However, we are here to tell you that window treatments are an important aspect of every space in your home, including your home office. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. Keep reading to let the team at Larry’s Design Center introduce you to three custom window treatments for home offices near Nassau, NY.

Sheer Shadings

While a window can help to liven up a dull office space—and is the kind of luxury that those of us who are usually in cubicles daydreamed about—it can also make getting work done difficult. The light that comes through your windows during the day can disrupt your workflows, so making sure you have the right custom window treatments for home offices is incredibly important. Sheer shadings are a perfect choice because that can allow you to get the light you crave while also cutting down on glare with their translucent fabric panels. No matter what you need, sheer shades are an ideal choice.

Honeycomb Shades

A great way to become overly familiar with your home’s heating and cooling system is to be inside all day, every day. If you find that you are constantly putting on a sweater when you’re cold and taking it off when you overheat, you may need custom window treatments for home offices, like Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades. Honeycomb cellular shades provide your home with added insulation that can help keep its internal climate more consistent. If you find that you can never quite get comfortable, new window shades might be the best solution you’ve never considered.

Roller Shades

While working from home may have sounded like a vacation to many of us, we are starting to find out that work still needs to be done, and many of us are busier than ever. Because of this, you don’t want custom window treatments for home offices that are difficult to operate, and it is hard to think of any window fashions that are easier to use than roller shades. If you find yourself to be busy to worry about your window coverings, roller shades are an ideal choice for you.

To learn more about custom window treatments for homes near Nassau, NY, contact Larry’s Design Center today! Our showroom is conveniently located in New Hyde Park, NY, but we also proudly serve in and around the New York City and Long Island areas, including but not limited to Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, NY.