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Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation for Homes

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation for Homes near Manhattan, New York (NY) with the Pebble® Remote

It can be a little staggering to think of how quickly technology innovates and integrates itself into our homes. Even a decade ago, many of us did not use video streaming services, and if we did, we likely did so on our computers, not our televisions. Similarly, voice-activated smart home assistants, like those from Amazon and Google, have only been a fixture in our homes for the last few years. It is nearly impossible to think of what the next big thing can be in our homes, but we’ve got some ideas. Automation is one of the biggest trends in nearly every area you can imagine. It is fundamentally changing the economy, the workforce, and nearly every aspect of how we live our lives, so it is only logical to think that it would become a part of our homes too. It is likely that automation will fundamentally change every part of our homes eventually, but we know where it is likely to start. Keep reading to let the team at Larry’s Design Center tell you why you’re going to love Hunter Douglas PowerView® automation for homes near Manhattan, NY.

What is PowerView® automation?

Automation is such an exciting force because it allows us to spend less time on the tasks in our day to day lives that can be tedious, boring, or frustrating. This means that adjusting your window coverings is an ideal task to be considered for automation, and we are happy to say that is possible with Hunter Douglas PowerView® automation. PowerView® allows you to set your window fashions on a schedule to adjust themselves in accordance with a variety of factors, including local sunrise and sunset times, temperatures, or your own sleep or work schedule.

How do I use PowerView® automation?

You have a number of means to take advantage of Hunter Douglas PowerView® automation. You can set the schedules for your window treatments via the Scene controller, a type of remote control, the PowerView® mobile application, or by connecting your window fashions to a voice-activated smart home assistant. But that’s not all. In addition to automating your window coverings, you can also adjust them remotely to suit your day to day needs, allowing you to truly get the most out of your PowerView® automated window treatments.

What can use PowerView® automation?

Almost all of Hunter Douglas’s custom window treatments can be motorized through the Hunter Douglas PowerView® automation system. All of their horizontal and vertical blinds and all of their premium window shades can be easily outfitted with the PowerView® system, making it easy to automate and remotely adjust your window fashions. Additionally, Hunter Douglas has succeeded in automating their first plantation shutter line. The Palm Beach™ collection of Polysatin™ plantation shutters can now be outfitted with PowerView® as well, allowing you to enjoy PowerView® regardless of which kind of window treatments your home needs.

To learn more about Hunter Douglas PowerView® automation for homes near Manhattan, NY, contact Larry’s Design Center today! Our showroom is conveniently located in New Hyde Park, NY, but we also proudly serve the area in and around the New York City and Long Island areas, including but not limited to Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, NY.