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Sheers and Sheer Curtains for Homes

Summertime in the city is a little different this year. With the current global pandemic and necessary quarantine being put into place, many of us are inside most of the time, which for those who really adore New York in the summer, are learning new ways to appreciate the city while keeping themselves safe. There are still beautiful things happening, and we do get to see quieter streets and more visible sunsets from our windows. Normally, the name of the game in the summer is staying out and soaking up the sun. Now, with all that the world is going through, our best place to experience New York in the summer is by the window. And if we are going to sit by our windows, they have got to be glamorous. That is why our team at Larry’s Design Center has picked our favorite sheer curtains for summer: Hunter Douglas’s Luminette® Privacy Sheers.

Summer time Sheers

Hunter Douglas’s Luminette® Privacy Sheers is the statement for the summer. The way they billow in the wind is by far the most elegant sight during a summer night. They are available in a myriad of colors, fabrics, textures, and functionalities. These fabrics are handcrafted by designers and tailored to your windows. They can fit any kind of window in your home, too. Sliding glass doors can have side panels that are constructed with the same materials. Any other style of window can have sheers custom fit to your windows and your liking.

They are also completely customizable in their level of opaqueness. Luminette® Privacy Sheers offer just that- privacy. Do you prefer your sheers to be able to darken a room, but not be as dark as blackout curtains? We can make it happen. Do you want your living room to glow in the sunset, even with the curtain sheers closed? We will make sure your sheer curtains are perfect for catching that golden light.

If you really want your sheers to shine, there is also an option that is new from Hunter Douglas called Accents by the Yard™. These fabrics are cut so that any accessories you may want to have made to match your sheers, like bedding, pillows, or anything else, can be created. With the customization abilities of the sheers, there is no limit to what they can be for your home. Luminette® Privacy Sheers can help you appreciate your New York summer, no matter how or where you are enjoying it.

If you are looking for some modern style from the most practiced shop in New York, you have found it. Any window covering needs you might have, like shutters, or shades, or blinds, our team at Larry’s Design Center has the solutions for you. We are located in New Hyde Park, but proudly serve the communities in and around the New York City and Long Island areas, including but not limited to Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, New York. Contact us today or stop by our showroom to learn more about our star quality window treatments for your home.