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Which Side Panels & Drapery to Add to Your Home

Like a beautiful bookend to your windows, drapery and curtains have been long considered one of the greatest window treatments. Predating glass windows, drapery has existed nearly as long as civilization itself.

Blue, white and green drapery accenting a living room

Why do we concern ourselves with a window treatment that should have been perfected by now? Because despite its longevity, we're always looking to introduce fresh styles and fabrics to your side panels and drapery. At Larry's, we're not satisfied with doing things the way they've always been done. We want to push boundaries and create something new.

Exquisite Fabrics

Why work with anything less than the best? Hunter Douglas worked with the brilliant minds of Rebecca Atwood, Marcie Bronkar, and Seema Krish to create side panels and drapery that are innovative and certified to shine in your home. They feature luxe basics, lofty textures, alluring jacquards, artisanal embroideries, and luminous sheers.

Want the beauty but are worried about living in an active home? We offer specialty fabrics! These materials are durable, stain- and UV-resistant. No more sacrificing your vision of a dream home to accomodate the realities of your home.


There are an unlimited amount of customizations available with these drapes. They are available in multiple styles, so they will fit your unique rooms perfectly. The Side Panels come in two-finger pinch pleat, two-finger European pinch pleat, and grommet. The drapery comes in a two-finger pinch pleat, a two-finger European pinch pleat, and a ripplefold.

The fabrics are also fully lined with a while light-filtering or room-darkening liner, other than sheers. This gives you total light control. The finishing details are essential in curtains and can be tailored to fit your needs. From headers to double bottom hems to turned hems, each type provides a custom finish. You can also opt to get Fabrics by the Yard in order to get beautiful accents created for your room as well.

Operating Systems

Design Studio™ Side Panels & Drapery have both automatic and manual operating system options. You can choose our popular PowerView® Automation, which is an automatic system that makes life more convenient than ever. We recommend this operating system because it allows you to focus on the things in life that matter most instead of when to open and close your window treatments.

We also offer Wand Control which eliminates pull cords completely and replaces them with a wand for enhanced child and pet safety. All of our operating systems are reliable and safe, so speak with one of our experts today who will help guide you to the best option.

Explore our Drapery and Side Panel Selection Today

We are so excited to get in touch - Larry's Design Center specializes in custom window treatments and looks forward to helping make your house a home. Contact Us today for a free consultation. We proudly serve New Hyde Park, New York City, and Long Island areas, including but not limited to Suffolk, Nassau.