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Avoid These Mistakes When Hanging Draperies

The human eye is naturally drawn to imperfections, whether it’s mismatched colors or a piece of crookedly hung artwork. Noticeable flaws are also obvious when window treatments aren’t installed correctly because this can throw off a room's aesthetic. Fortunately, hanging draperies doesn’t need to be complicated. Larry’s Design Center in New Hyde Park, New York, has years of experience and a reputation for flawless installation, as well as an outstanding selection of Carole Fabrics™ drapery.

Carole Fabrics™ Custom Drapes in a well-appointed New York home near New Hyde Park, NY

So, what mistakes do people typically make when hanging draperies?

Making Measuring Mistakes

Window height and width must be measured first before buying window coverings. Some drapery lengths stop at the windowsill while others grace the bottom of a floor. It’s better for the fabric to be too long instead of too short because you don’t want an obvious gap; keep that to under 1” at the most. Ready-made curtain sizes range from 64” to 120”, and custom ones are made to your specifications. 

To measure the width, mark both sides of the window casing and measure left to right. Then, add 12” and divide that total by two. Each drapery panel should be that wide, but this can be increased for added fullness. Having 2 or 2-½” or extra width is not unusual.

The best way to measure accurately is to have the right tools. You’ll need a good measuring tape and a level to ensure the drapery is straight. Professionals also use drills, drill bits, wall anchors, and ladders when installing draperies.

Curtain Rod Confusion

There are a few ways to install curtain rods incorrectly. The rods should extend from about 8” to 12”, making your windows look bigger. Draperies look skimpy and don’t do their job when they are too close to the window edge, but if the rods are too wide, the draperies will seem oversized.

Don’t hang curtain rods too low, either. We recommend about 4” to 6” from the top of the frame, but at the end of the day, the choice is yours. Adding a bit more height here can make the windows look taller. The final decision depends mostly on the ceiling height and drapery design.

Hardware Hurdles

The wrong hardware will detract from your draperies, so devote attention to choosing the right kind. Rods and finials should always complement the drapery style. For example, casual curtain hardware will look off when paired with formal fabrics; the opposite is also true. Consider the fabric weight as well because heavier rods are needed to support those.

We feature top-brand drapery hardware and decorative elements, including:

  • Curtain rods
  • Mounting brackets
  • Curtain rings (C-rings)
  • Finials
  • Tie-backs

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Stop by Larry's Design Center if you want to upgrade your home for the fall with custom draperies and don’t want to worry about making mistakes when hanging draperies. We have the latest offerings from Carole Fabrics™ Custom Drapes and serve clients in and near New Hyde Park, Long Island, Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, NY. Contact us today to set up a consultation.