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Choosing the Right Drapery Fabric

Choosing curtain or drapery fabric is one of the most important considerations when shopping for window treatments because it influences function and style. Some might be paired with blinds and used for decorative purposes only, while others are needed to block out light. It’s a matter of personal preference, too, and this is why Larry’s Design Center offers such a large selection of custom materials. But before getting into that part of the process, it makes sense to rewind and start with a fundamental component – fabric weight.

Custom Drapes, tan drapery fabric, in a living room near New Hyde Park, NY

Heavier Drapery Fabric

Brocade, canvas, velvet, and wool curtains are heavier materials that block more light. They also have more insulating properties than thinner drapery fabrics. 

  • Brocade: These rich, patterned, and woven fabrics are elegant yet functional, thanks to their thick weaves and embossed or embroidered detailing. They’re made from fabric mixes like cotton and silk. “Brocade” is derived from the Italian word “brocatto,” which means embossed cloth – similar to damask, with a formal aesthetic.
  • Canvas: Also tightly woven, canvas curtains are tough and long-lasting, with a practical appeal. They work exceptionally well at blocking light and complementing casual decor.
  • Velvet: This is a lovely choice for keeping out light and warming rooms. Even though it’s traditionally associated with formal window treatments, velvet can work well in other spaces. These curtains are typically made from silk, wool, cotton, and other fabrics.
  • Wool upholstery fabric: Wool upholstery fabric might be the warmest, heaviest choice for draperies.

Lightweight Drapery Fabric

Cotton, linen, and poplin are three lighter drapery fabrics often used for simple curtains and sheers.

  • Cotton: These fabrics can be 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends. They are versatile, let in more light, and work on most windows. It’s best to have these lined to add weight, shape, and protection.
  • Linen: The weight of these curtains ranges from light to heavy, but just like linen clothing, it tends to wrinkle. Linen lets in more light and signifies a casual, carefree feel.
  • Poplin: Poplin is manufactured from cotton, linen, silk, or other fibers. It has a plain, tight weave with coarse and fine yarns.

We Work with Top Fabric Manufacturers

Larry’s Design Center works with top manufacturers that deliver the highest quality and incomparable color and pattern selections. We often recommend Stout Fabrics, a company of 50 expert artisans who create thousands of materials in different weights. Carole Fabrics has a base of 7,000 options, plus new, exciting releases that we look forward to. Both of these companies also have coordinating hardware.

Another one of our manufacturers, Kravet, creates custom fabric and drapery with everything from delicate silks to airy sheers. We also feature the Fabricut line, which has more than 35,000 fabrics to look through.

Choosing the Right Drapery Fabric is a Pleasure at Larry’s Design Center

Choosing the right drapery materials for your home or office can be enjoyable and relaxing at Larry’s Design Center. We offer friendly, professional design services to clients in New Hyde Park, Long Island, Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, NY. We also carry Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, and shutters. Call our New Hyde Park, New York, showroom today or request a consultation online, and we’ll be happy to get you started.